There are 62 tonics in the overworld, 1 of them is for finishing The Impossible Lair without saving any Beettalion (this one is not required for the trophy/achievement)

Here are the locations of all 62…

1. Catchee: You will get this one from Vendi after the first paywall.

2. Thick Skin: North-West of chapter 6, you can walk under some trees to find this one.

3. More Checkmates: In the cave south-east of Vendi, use the bomb to get in and then use another bomb to destroy the rock on the ledge.

4. Less Checkmates: In the shipwreck area go inside the ship and roll against the wall to get the tonic to fall down.

5. Ticktockticktock!: Once you have rescued all 48 beettalion you will be able to climb up to the platform to the right of The Impossible Lair level where you will find this tonic.

6. Tick… Tock…: Once you have rescued a few Beettalion you will be able to climb up to the platform to the right of The Impossible Lair level and get this tonic.

7. Slow Mo: To the left of Chapter 12 you will find a Pagie, finish the challenge and hop all the way along the trunks to the bottom to find a path to the tonic.

8. Tri-Twirl: You can see this tonic from chapter 3, to get this take the a water bomb to the plant just under the next paywall and take the path to the left.

9. Super Buddy Slam: Will appear in the middle of the + shaped shortcut area once you have unlocked all 4.

10. Super Sonar: In the dark forest area after chapter 8 buddy slam the ground right in front of the cage to get the key and open it.

11.Tough-Twirl: To the right of chapter 16 you can find a cave after filling the lake with water, buddy slam to the left of the sign where the 3 rocks are on the ground.

12. Torpedo: Buddy slam on the little sand island all the way at the bottom of the light house area, the same island you use to reach the beettalion.

13. Googly Eyes: To the right of chapter 5 just outside the cave.

14. Broken Controller: For this one you will have to open the cage (1000 Quills) north of chapter 5, then enter the cave to the right, you will have to do a few things in here like kill a few enemies and then find a key, once you find the bomb berry bush you can find the tonic where you blow up the rocks.

15. Run Faster: In the lake area where chapter 12 is, freeze the cloud and enter the cave under the waterfall, just buddy slam if you want to stop sliding, in here make your way all the way to the back and then back to the entrance on the top level to find the tonic.

16. Run Even Faster: This one can be found in the secret area after giving 30 coins to Trowzer at his home, to get this tonic jump onto the cart (where chapter 20 is) and jump to the platform to the left where you can see a block that requires a bomb to break, to find the bombs you will need to buddy slam just to the right of the copper pipes on the same platform.

17. Roll faster: Enter the cave behind the waterfall near chapter 12 without the water frozen, in here kill all the enemies to unlock the cage with the tonic.

18. Roll Even Faster: In the secret area after giving Trowzer 30 coins at his house, make your way all the way to the right, grab a bomb and use it against the wall with some leafs in front of it.

19. Spider-Charm: In the cave near chapter 2 that requires a bomb to enter, you can use 2 bombs for this, if you are fast you can use the bomb south-east of Vendi or you can use the bomb that you can get to after saving some beettalions to the left of The Impossible Lair level.

20. H2GO: Complete the Paggie challenge near chapter 14 to get access to a bomb bush to the right of a little bridge, take a bomb to the bock just under chapter 12, in here you will find the tonic.

21. Snow Problem: Open the shortcut door to the right of Chapter 12 with a fire berry.

22. Sounds Like Secrets: In the desert area open the cage close to chapter 9 to get the key to the building close to the entrance of the desert area, in here place the pipe in the correct place and then throw a water berry in to the fire, now exit and jump on the roof and down the chimney to get the tonic.

23. Secret Sonar: Buddy slam the triangle of rocks under the wooden platforms in the entrance to the lighthouse area, do this a few times to be able to get up.

24. T.W.I.T Coin Banker: Close to Vendi after finishing the 1st Paggie challenge.

25. Quill Banker: Buddy Slam the very first honeycomb on the ground near the Queen.

26. Quill Magnet: In the shipwreck area ask the cannon to turn around and then get him to shoot the bridge, now buddy slam on the middle of the bridge.

27. Quillsplosion: Use a water berry on the plant above the entrance to the cave where chapter 11 is.

28. Flower Hour: In the forest area just before the desert area take the bottom right exit and push the box down, let the box go around with the fans until it get to the top, now place it on the switch and jump around the platforms to the right until you drop down to the tonic.

29. 4th Tonic Ssslot: You will get this after giving Trowzer 30 coins at his house.

30. Res Colours: In the swings area, go all the way around until you get to the last 2 swings, use it to get to the highest platform.

31. Res Resolution: Same swings cave as the last but this one is on the left side, use a swing to get it.

32. GB Colours: Attack the helm of the ship in the shipwreck area.

33. GB Resolution: Buddy Slam the towels in the shipwreck area.

34. VHS: Back to the swings cave, use a swing on the right side to get the tonic (hard to miss)

35. Derorrim: In the house to the right of the ship in the shipwreck area, this will open once you finish the 3rd chapter in it’s alternative state.

36. Upside Down: From the dark forest area before the desert, exit through the left bottom door, then enter the building to the right and roll into the wall for the tonic to drop.

37. Painted: This tonic is in the water in the lighthouse area, to get this one open the map and press X on it.

38. Felt Tip Outline: In the area where chapter 12 is, buddy slam the top of the shadow of the flag close to the chapter.

39. Rainbow: North-West of chapter 12, drag the tree trunk under the tree and take it under the tree to the right, here use it to get the tonic.

40. Dot Matrix: In the lighthouse area talk to the fisherman at the bottom, then enter the door he was blocking, get to the end and jump into the water and stick to the bottom to find the tonic.

41. Comic: Use the pipe piece under chapter 9 and use it to enter a little window to the left.

42. Gritty Comic: In the chapter 12 area, buddy slam the top left most post.

43. Shadow Stingdom: In the area where chapter 6 take a fire bomb to exit out left towards the next area, now go down and left to find a dead end with a chest, here buddy slam to find the tonic.

44. Spotlight: Buddy Slam the ring of light on top of the first building in front of you as soon as you enter the secret area by giving Trowzer 30 coins, you will have to go around to the right and do a few Paggie challenges to get up there.

45. Yooge Head: Buddy Slam the plant the other side of the path below Vendi.

46. Yooman: Under the Bridge to the right of chapter 6.

47. No Tailee: Buddy slam the very upper left corner to the left of the blocks that need bombing north of chapter 9.

48. Cartoony: Reveal a Paggie challenge in the lighthouse area by buddy slamming the moving sand under some enemies, now throw the rocks at the sharks on the new wood that has risen from the Paggie challenge.

49. Shadow Puppets: Roll Against the tree just above the paywall that will let you enter the desert area.

50. Golden Try: You will get this tonic if you finish The Impossible Lair without saving any Beettalion, this tonic is not required for the trophy / achievement.

51. Chameleon Colours: In the area where chapter 14 is, go around the top and go east, here drop down the hole where the bridge would go, in here use the box to get to the bombs, use them to get access to the other box, use this one to lower the platform with the tonic on it.

52. Blockbuster Film: Buddy slam the middle plant against the wall to the left of chapter 5.

53. Arthouse Film: Moving underground just north of chapter 12.

54. Saturated Film: Buddy slam just below the vine north- east of chapter 14.

55. Gritty Film: Use the top part of the bridges where chapter 14 is to enter the cave to the left, in here buddy slam the “Right Eye”.

56. Vintage Film: Buddy slam on top of the fan north of chapter 8.

57. Sepia Film: Moving underground as soon as you enter the desert area.

58. Black & White Film: Finish chapter 7 to get to the other side of the gate, the tonic will be on the highest platform to the right.

59. Noir Film: Activate the switch near chapter 2 to get the water to flow to the right, now go down to the area south-east of Vendi, here swim in to the hole to the left, exit through the other side to find the tonic.

60. Negative Film: Use the chapter 20 cart and the box from the puzzle to the north to get the tonic on the platform to the bottom left.

61. Cinematic Ratio: Ground slam the top right corner of the path under the metal bridge just before chapter 5.

62. TV Ratio: Buddy slam right behind the sign in the south-west corner of the shipwreck area.