There are 39 Messages In Bottles In Sea Of Solitude.


1. After going though the first gate on foot in the area where you first come across the fish type monster, to your left.

2. After swimming across the water for a second time in the area with the fish monster you can see the bottle on the roof in-front of you, to get there take take a right and then go around the side of the building until you see a ladder, climb it and enter the door to find another ladder that will take you to the roof with the bottle.

3. Just like the last one go around the building to climb up the ladder, but this time take a right around the small walls on the roof, climb over another small wall (there will be a seagull here) to see the bottle just below you on a platform.

4. After getting rid of the corruption on the bouy go to the building to the right with the seagull on the roof, from here go around the right side of the building and climb the ladder, now continue to the right and enter a house with the bottle inside.

5. In the greenhouse on the roof of the same building as the last one.

6. After going through the greenhouse on the roof climb the ladder and jump to the other building, here go to the opposite side of the roof and look for another ladder to climb down, here you will find the bottle.

7. Just like last one, jump to the roof after the greenhouse but this time look for the bottle in the arch close to the top of the building.


8. Just after the cutscene where you see the big bird monster for the first time. The bottle will be to your left on the roof.

9. After you hear the memory about “Big Sister” with the glowing ball you will have to follow it, the bottle is on the first roof you climb up.

10. Still following the glowing ball you will swim through a little alley and them climb a ladder, after climbing the ladder of going right, look to the left to find a bottle.

11. Just after the last one before you head towards the bridge look to your right and swim across the water to another building to find a bottle.


12. At the very start of chapter 3, after the bird cutscene look to the left to find the bottle.

13. When you first see the dark spirits the bottle is at the end of the alley in-front of you before heading up onto the rooftops.

14. After the school section, now outside, swim across to the building with the MAGAZINE tower on it, now swim across 2 more buildings sticking to the right until you come to a building with a bottle on it.

15. From the last bottle look for another building to your right with a bottle on it.

16. Just before heading across the planks and containers in the water to get to the end, take a left to get to the building with the catwalk outside, use it to get to the smaller roof with the chimney to find the bottle.

17. Just before you get back to your boat after swimming across wooden planks.


18. Once you have your ship back and the water level is higher head back to the rooftops that are right above the very first bottle we picked up in the game, on this roof you will find another bottle.

19. From the last one walk across the flat roof and then take a right, cross another roof and then look right to find another bottle.

20. From the last one continue past the wooden structure, then swim across to the building with a peer outside, the bottle is behind this building.

21. On the roof of the main train station.

22. Once the water is the lowest possible head to the train tracks, to get on them head around the back of the building to the left, once on them jump onto the building to the left next to the train to find a bottle.

23. Once you get to the end of the bridge with the train tracks on it, go down the stairs to the right to find a bottle at the end.

24. As soon as you get access to the Gym enter and look for the bottle on the right.


25. Once they start talking about the new album look for the bottle on the building to the right that is in-front of you.

26. A few buildings later Kay will start saying how Jack has changed, go all the way around the building after the broken wooden stairs building to find the bottle the other side.


27. Once you are in the high tower with all the flame vents, drop down to the second flame vent to find the bottle close by.

28. Soon after the last one you will see the bottle to your left, simply drow down to it.

29. Just past where you jumped down for the last bottle you will be on the outside of the tower (there is also a seagull here), once back on the inside do not use the vent to climb, instead use the thin platforms on the wall to get across to the bottle.

30. After using the vent to get up to the next floor you will see a small ventilation pipe that you can drop down to, the bottle will be there.

31. Near the top of the tower you will have to climb down 2 ladders, this will take you to the office area, here go around without going up to find another bottle.

32. Just before heading up to the very top of the tower, turn around and go down a small ramp and then a ladder to find this bottle.


33. After playing catch with the spirits go through the blue container and then take a right to find the bottle on the wooden bridge.

34. In the subway section after the “Chocolate Ice Cream” flashback look for the bottle in a train to the left.

35-37. There are 3 bottles that are in clear sight where you meet the shell monster again.

38. In-front of the shell monster climb a ladder to find the bottle.

39. This one will spawn where the shell monster was once she goes away.