There are 32 Seagulls that you will have to Shoo In Sea Of Solitude.


1. After swimming past the fish monster for the first time.

2. After swimming across the water for a second time where the fish type monster is you will see a bottle on the roof, from here go right around the building until you see a ladder, climb it and then climb a little ledge to shoo away the seagull.

3. Just like the last one take the right around the building and then climb the ladder, this time take a right and then climb up onto a little roof to find the seagull.

4. After getting rid of the corruption on the bouy you can see the seagull on the roof of the building close by.

5. On the roof of the same building as the last one, this time to the left of the greenhouse.

6. After going though the greenhouse on the roof, climb the ladder and jump across to the other roof, you will find this seagull on the left most part.

7. Just to the right of the last one.


8. Once you have access to your boat again head towards the area where you had to swim past the fish monster, look for the seagull on the broken wooden bridge with the train on it.

9. Once you park your boat for the first time in Chapter 2 you will have to go around a building until you open a gate back to the area where you left the boat, the seagull is just before you open the gate back. Sometimes the seagull will be invisible if the water level is to high, sometimes you just have to wait until the water goes down a bit for it to spawn.

10. Once you get to the gate that will take you back to the boat climb up the little building with a bench outside to find another seagull.

11. From the last seagull cross the gate to the right to find another.


12. After the school part of the level you will be back outside, here swim across to the train and then to the building to find the seagull.

13. Just to the right of the last seagull look for a ladder that will take you to the top of the tower where you will find another seagull.

14. From the building with the last 2 seagulls on it, swim to the building on the left (the one with the weather vane on it) to find another seagull.

15. Just before you get back to the boat look to the left to find the seagull.


16. Once you have the boat back, head to the area where you very first met the fish monster and look for a big flat roof, from here take the room to the right and then cross one more roof to find the seagull.

17. After the last seagull continue past the wooden structure and swim across to another little building with a peer to find the seagull.

18. Just go through the building next to the last one to find another seagull to your right.

19. From the last one just continue across the buildings to the left to find the next seagull.

20. Once the water is at the lowest point possible there will be a seagull right in-front of you on the postbox (?).

21. Right in-front of you again, this time on the train.

22. On another train, for this one head left from the starting area and then take a right, this will look very similar to the one you just got.


23. On the roof of the train station, you can get this at the very start of the chapter before heading to the high tower.


24. Once you use one of the tentacles of the woman monster to get to the tall tower you will see your boat, the seagull is to the left.

25. Just continue climbing up the tower a bit until you are on the outside of the walls, you can’t really miss this one.

26. Once you have to climb down 2 ladders you will come to the office area, here just take the first ramp up to find the seagull.


27. At the very start of chapter 7 right in-front of you.

28. After playing catch with the spirits go through the blue container and do a U turn to the left and continue across the higher platform, at the end you will see the seagull on the building, I got this one by jumping close to the seagull from the metal and spamming the triangle button to get it (the legit way is to get it in chapter 10 with the ice platform).


29. At the start of chapter 8 get on the boat and follow glowy until you see a seagull on the right side of the river.

30. In the same river as the last one just before the water opens up as they talk about the new house.


31. Once you get to the main train station and talk to Jack again go down and go up the ramp on the train to find the seagull.


32. In this chapter you will run on the beach while watching the credits, the seagull is right next to the end on some docks.