There are 32 files in Onimusha Warlords, these include Books, journals & translation books. Here are the 32 Files in Order:

  1. Letter to Samanosuke: You get this during the first intro cutscene.

  2. Instruction: You get this at the start of the game.

  3. Sougen’s Note: At the entrance of the underground temple in the cave.

  4. Seiryu #1: In the underground temple at the end of the hall to the right.

  5. Journal #1: In one of the pots before the red orb.

  6. Journal #2: After killing the ogre boss continue and open the little red chest.

  7. Journal #3: After the first scene with Yumemaru and the old man take the door to the right and open the chest.

  8. Suzaku #1: After the scene with Kaede and Yumemaru take the hall and take the door in front of you and the book will be on the shelf.

  9. Red Book: After the same scene as before take the same hall but this time take the stairs up to the top floor and open the red orb door and pick up the book from the table.

  10. Byakko #1: Right next to the save point before getting trapped.

  11. Journal #4: After escaping the water trap with samanosuke and taking the stairs that come down after pressing the lever, head down the hall and down the ladder, then take the same ladder down one more time, now slash the paper on the wall to discover the book.

  12. Seiryu #2: After the scene where the old man jumps out of the side of the building in the next room.

  13. Suzaku #2: In the very next room.

  14. Seiryu #3: In the room at the top of the same tower.

  15. Seiryu #4: in the same room.

  16. Blue Book: Just before going to the underground section by activating the 3 coloured orbs.

  17. Green Book: In the underground area with another 2 books.

  18. Orange Book: Same place.

  19. Byakko #2: Same place as the other 2.

  20. White Book: After the room in the underground with the demons that break out of glass continue out of the door in the corner and then take the door to the right.

  21. Apocalypse #1: From the last book go back out and open the door with the green orbs.

  22. Byakko #3: Right next to the last book.

  23. Journal #5: From the middle save point in the west area with Kaede in the building where you need to use the wooden gear.

  24. Suzaku #3: Same room on the shelf.

  25. Byakko #4: After using the wooden gear in the next room.

  26. Genbu #1: With Kaede in the burning building go down the long hall and the book will be in the room at the end.

  27. Genbu #2: With samanosuke again go to the West area and open the door with the 3 blue orbs. the book will be to the right.

  28. Journal #6: In the East area after going through the green door and the Journal will be on the next door.

  29. Genbu #3: continue out the door and head across the bridge and take the door at the right end.

  30. Apocalypse #2: Once you are in the East with Kaede the book will be in the first building with double doors.

  31. Genbu #4: Up the ladder that is in the save room with Kaede in the East area.

  32. Suzaku #4: On a shelf in the room under where you get the decorative arrow.