Rainey’s Last Pole

Schawantz Makes No More Mistakes

Doohan, Peerless In Tests

Criville, Star At Home

Mick Doohan’s Last Quick Lap

Valentino Blooms In The Wet

Kenny Roberts, Amazing In Malaysia

Garry McCoy Takes Valencia

McWilliams Unleashed In Australia

Biaggi Unbeatable In France


Max Biaggi Vs Rookie Of The Year

Kato Unbeatable At Motegi

Ukawa Shows His Worth At Home

With The RC211V, Barros Catches The Italians

Valentino Condemned To Win

Valentino’s Best Lap In Australia

Valentino Rossi Says Goodbye To Honda

Shakey Bryne And The Aprillia RS Cube

Kenny Roberts’ Laguna

Biaggi, German Emperor

Capirossi Lightning Fast In Barcelona

Nakano Brings Kawasaki Back To The Podium

Nicky Hayden, Star At Home

Rossi Vs Hayden In The Desert

Capirossi’s High 5 In Motegi

Valentino Beats The Trio At Mugello


Rossi Nullifies Biaggi’s Threat

Rossi Gets The Better Of Biaggi And Ukawa

Biaggi Maintains Yamaha’s Honour

Capirossi And Ducati For The First Time

Giberenau, King Of France

Valentino’s Ninth Gem

Stoner Beats Rossi In His Rivals Kingdom

Valentino On The Last Corner Of The Last Lap

Lorenzo, Star At Home

Yamaha Duel In Japan

Rossi Comes To Grips With Dovizioso In Qatar

The Alarm Goes Off For The Doctor In Misano

Lorenzo Saves Himself And Wins San Marino

Valentino, Ducati Predator

Marquez Beats Spencer’s Record

Marquez The Rookie’s Makes It Five At Brno


All Challenges are in the same video (check the timeline below)


-Bayliss, Winning Wildcard: 00:05

-Pedrosa Flashes Past Stoner In Valencia: 02:05

-Vermeulen Brings Suzuki Back To The Top: 04:00

-Valentino's Gripping Comeback: 07:07

-Rossi The Donkey Is Fastest In Misano: 09:04

-Lorenzo Beats Valentino At Motegi: 10:48

-Pedrosa Leaves Everyone In The Dust: 14:50

-Dovizioso Overcomes Lorenzo: 17:10

-Simoncelli's Last-Minute Pole: 19:38

-From Ducati To Honda: Stoner Stays Fast: 21:37

-Simoncelli's Great Feat: 24:01

-Stoner Unrivalled In Australia: 26:05

-Dovizioso Is Moved At Mugello: 27:56

-Stoner Catches Lorenzo In The Laguna: 32:00

-Pedrosa's Record Lap In Barcelona: 35:06

-Lorenzo Gifts Himself Pole Position On His Track: 37:02

-Lorenzo And Marquez, Gifts In Silverstone: 39:00

-Valentino Returns To Yamaha And To The Podium: 41:20