There are 10 Music players around the map, these will allow you to listen to more songs!

1.Bradbury Woods To find this one break in to the house by hitting the wood. The player will be on the table!

2.Lake Climb up the back of the building in the lake using the grapple to find the player!

3.Fillmore’s Hovel Just look for a trap door outside and climb down!

4.Sergey’s Place Just shoot the wood on the side of the red train to enter and pick up the player.

5.Tombwater Enter the building and use the lockpick ability to open the metal door to find the player.

6.Forgotten Barracks Enter the window of the grownover house and open the metal door with the lockpick ability!

7.Sein’s Sanctuary Look for the wood on the ground that you can break to the right of the house!

8.Rotgut Pass Enter the house and open the metal door to the right to find the player.

9.Big Mike’s Dale Look for a trap door near the house and red structure.

10.Frobisher’s Memory Look for a cave and then use the grapple to the right to reach the platform with the final player.