There are a total of 18 Relics in Effie. Make sure you get all relics before going into the final temple, also you will not be able to return to any area once completed (except the plains).


1. Just before you leave (Can not miss)


1. At the top of the Fisher Area (Just left of the main path)

2. At the top of the Harmony Obelisks (right of the main path)

3. On top of a ghoul camp near Windmill City.

4. Finish the race in the Quick Imp Area just right of Windmill City.

5. Finish the fight in the Fire Hammer Coliseum (you can find the coliseum to the left of Windmill City).

6. Follow the river to the right of the coliseum until you come across 2 or 3 huts with a relic chest on a little pier.

7. In the graveyard to the left of The Vineyards, press the switch on the angel statue with the sword to the ground to open the gate with the relic inside.

8. In a burned down house to the right of The Vineyard.

9. In a pond with enemies in it, in front of the Temple of Oblena.

10. Almost straight in front of where you start when you first come to the plains, look for a small forest with a bandits camp to the right.

11. Just south of Vineyard in a pond.


1. Once you get the dash ability continue around until you get to a door with a skull above it, the relic is behind the building to the left.

2. Near the end you will come to a sewer area, take the pipe to the left and continue until you come across a pile of boxes, break them all to find the relic.


1. In the room with the first switch with 3 lights take the right door and follow the yellow cable to a switch behind a barrel, now go back to the switch room and follow the yellow cable to the left to find the relic.

2. In the turning room puzzle room place the switches the same as in the image below and go through the middle room and take a right to find the relic.


1. At the statue take a right, then go in the alley in-between the first 2 buildings to your right.

2. Close to the end you will come to an area with a dragon head, take a right and continue to the building with a round saw on it, the relic is to the left of this building.