There are 6 Blue Orbs & 32 Blue Fragments (every 4 gives you another orb) in Devil May Cry 5, here is how you get them all (if you get lost use the video guide at the bottom of the page):

Mission 1

-Fragment 1: After the cutscene that introduces you to the “Red Empusa” enemy type jump down and turn around to find the fragment.

Shop (After Mission 1)

-All 6 Orbs: You can now buy all 6 blue orbs from the shop, this will cost you a total of 78.000 red orbs.

Mission 2

-Fragment 2: From the room where you pick up the 1st Nidhogg Hatchling take a right and let the enemy break the floor, down here you will find the fragment.

-Fragment 3: Reward for finishing the 1st secret mission (this one is unmissable).

-Fragment 4: Once outside stick to the right hand side and jump up into a building at the end.

Mission 3

-Fragment 5: On the rooftops you will encounter a battle, then you will grapple and watch a small cutscene where Nero mentions starting by the closest one, now jump over the small building in front of you and pick up the blue fragment in between the vents.

-Fragment 6: Once in the sewers you will come to a square staircase, at the top you will find your first enemy with the giant scissors, instead of going up just go to the very bottom to reveal a secret mission, the blue fragment will be the reward.

-Fragment 7: From the secret mission take the stairs all the way to the very top, then jump up to the ledge behind you, here grapple and lad on the platform with the blue fragment.

Mission 4

-Fragment 8: After the bridge collapses you will go through a big building, once outside there will be a big graffiti on the building to the right, charge up the devil trigger until you have 3 bars, then press L1/LB to get the summon to smash through that wall, jump in and go up the stairs to get the fragment.

-Fragment 9: Follow the road past the graffiti until you come to a white van on the right and and a plant on the left, use a hatchling on the plant to reveal a fragment.

-Fragment 10: Use another hatchling to the left of the last fragment (you can find the 2nd one by jumping through the graffiti building and going to the dead end behind that same building),now jump up a few ledges to find another secret mission, finish it to get another fragment.

Mission 5

-Fragment 11: Once you get rid of the blood clot near the first enemy that tries to attack you from above jump down and then up onto the little building and finally to the big building with the unstable roof, at the end jump off and turn around to find the fragment in a red hall.

Fragment 12: From the last fragment return through the hall and continue on, after the battle climb some stairs to find another secret mission, finish it to get the fragment.

Mission 8

-Fragment 13: Soon after the Divine Statue (shop) you will see a blue fragment on a platform, to get there you will need the double jump ability and a Gerbera Devil Breaker.

-Fragment 14: Once you get to the 2nd “Blood elevator” go up until you can jump to a platform to the right, then grapple twice, on the top platform jump down the other side to reveal a secret mission, finish it to get the fragment.

-Fragment 15: Near the very end of the mission you will come to a big straight with a blood gate at the end, the fragment is behind it.

Mission 9

-Fragment 16: At one point in this mission you will see a building with a lot of arches on it to your left, past this building take a left to see a fragment through some roots, use L1/ LB with 3 devil trigger gauges to summon the demon and break the blood clot the other side.

-Fragment 17: From the last one climb the wall in front of you and finish the secret mission on the top part of the wall.

-Fragment 18: At one point near the end you will be in a building that has an archway as an exit, exit and jump onto the platforms in front of you all the way to the top.

Mission 10

-Fragment 19: You will come to a little drop that you must take to continue, in front of the drop you will see a red door decorated with spikes, take this door to the left and go to the top to find the fragment.

-Fragment 20: Once you get to a big open area with a battle take the little spiky door to the right, continue this way until you come across a secret mission, finish it for the fragment.

-Mission 11

Fragment 21: Once you get to the main ruin building go straight in, climb the little platforms with a chair on them, enter through the hole and drop onto a little platform with a blood clot on it, destroy the blood clot and jump up in front of you, don’t enter through the hole in the wall, climb up above it and find a secret mission that will reward you with the fragment.

-Fragment 22: From the first blood clot jump down and turn around to find another blood clot stopping you from getting a blue orb.

Mission 12

-Fragment 23: Go through the door that you reveal when you destroy the 2nd blood clot, as soon as you enter jump up the the right to find the fragment.

-Fragment 24: Once the trap door is open below the statue go down, you will soon come to some stairs made of dirt, once at the top turn around, jump against the wall, jump again and then use the TRICKSTER dash to reach the secret mission that will reward you with the blue fragment.

Mission 14

Fragment 25: In the main area where you must enter the three gates to save your summons jump up on one of the platforms to the right and then with griffon (if you don’t have him just enter a gate and choose to save him) glide and then dash to the flatform with the blue fragment on it.

Fragment 26: Near the end of the mission you will destroy a blood clot that destroys 3 vines blocking your path, once you destroy the clot just continue past it to find the secret mission that will reward you with the fragment.

Mission 15

-Fragment 27: Once you get to the first divine statue go down the hill behind it, now use punch line or gerbera to get all the way to the top of the hill sticking to the right hand side, once up the top find the secret mission to the right, finish it and get the fragment.

-Fragment 28: Do the same as before but this time stay to the left to get to the highest post where you can find a blue fragment.

-Fragment 29: At the 2nd Divine Statue take the hill down to the right, in the next room finish off all the enemies so you can use the gapple, take the path to the top and then jump up to a platform with the blue fragment on it.

Mission 16

-Fragment 30: From the start jump down the hole all the way to the bottom, kill the enemies and jump down all the way again, kill some more enemies, now dont fall down , jump across the crumbling platforms to fall down another hole, now just keep on going down until you see the fragment the other side of the drop, this jump is hard to make, to get across you will need to double jump then attack 4 times with the cavaliere and finally use the Tricksters dash.

-Fragment 31: Do the same as before but this time don’t jump across the crumbling platforms after the 2nd fight, instead jump down to the bottom again for another battle, after this battle jump onto the big platform below, then drop again to a platform just below you with some red orbs on it, now jump across to the opposite side with some more red orbs on a platform to find a secret mission that will reward you with another fragment.

Mission 18

-Fragment 32: Once you encounter the Jaguar summon stick to the left and climb some platforms, here you will encounter a battle with some red orb bugs, kill them to get the final fragment to spawn.