The are 8 Fragments & 5 Purple Orbs, here are the locations of all of them!

Shop (After Mission 4)

-All 5 Orbs.

Mission 4: After the bridge that collapses in the building in front of you. 

Mission 5: In the warehouse area near the end stick to the left through a red lit hall, after this hall jump up to the ledge and turn around to jump to another platform where you can find the fragment.

Mission 9: You will come to a building that is lit with candles, do not exit through the arch shape door, instead use L1/LB with 3 devil trigger gauges to break the wood door to your left, now kill all the enemies to reveal the fragment.

Mission 10: You will come to a area where you drop down into a big area, to the left you have a round door with spikes around it, do not enter and continue down the main big path, as soon as the path turns to the left jump up to the right to find a secret area, here kill the enemies to reveal the fragment.

Mission 11: Once outside enter the broken building to the left, head all the way to the top for the fragment.

Mission 12: At the main statue take the left path, continue past a yellow ambulance and take the path up to the left, up this path you will come to a blood clot, destroy it and as soon as you pass through the hole take a right to find the fragment.

Mission 14: At one point you will come across a small cutscene, now the path will split, take the left side and as soon as you can drop down to your right.

Mission 16: From the start, drop down and fight, now drop down then fight and then drop down and fight, after the 3rd fight drop onto the platform below, now stick to the left and drop down again, now stick to the left against the wall and drop again, now you will see a platform with your final fragment on it.